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Related article: and was, I suspect, not very far away from the winner. This horse won the Gold Cup, and eventually was sold for 2,300 guineas, to go abroad; it was a great price in those days. Then Melbourne, Cato, Morpeth, Con- fidence, Logic, Bounce, Maria, Sir Charles, Grand Inquisitor, Village Maid, Donnybrook, Attor- ney-General, and others won several races, including the Royal Hunt Cup, Great Northampton- shire Stakes, Ebor Handicap, the Grand Candelabra, given by Her Majesty at Plymouth, several Queen's Guineas, and the North- ampton and Lincoln Cups, &c. A number of good horses from this stud were sold as yearlings, &c. The present occupant of Carnaby House, Mr. H. P. Robinson, has had a few winners, also some first-rate hunters, amongst the latter was a grey by Strathconan, said to have been the best in the Holderness Hunt. The late Mr. William Hudson, of Brigham, bred General Wil- liams, Stolen Moments, Lady 202 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [September Trespass, Exciseman, Cathedral, &c., and from Mr. Gilbey's stud came Adventurer, Ploughboy, and Haymaker. From the Meaux Stud emanated Hornsea, who ran well for the St. Leger, also Lady-le-Gros, who ran up for the St. Leger and the Oaks. From one of three mares purchased from Bishop Burton sprang the dam of Blair Athol, sold as a yearling from the Meaux Stud. Several good animals were bred and raced by the grandfather of the present owner of Meaux, Mr. R. W. Richardson. The dam of the celebrated mare Nancy, bred by Mr. William Baxter, of Burton Pidsea, was purchased from Meaux, and the above list of thoroughbred horses practically includes all that need be men- tioned. Coming to half-bred racers, ** cocktails," as they were formerly called, the most numerous stud belonging to one owner was that bred at Billings Hill by the late Mr. James Hopkinson, who had in handf some, or all of, that property, and, it would appear, must have paid attention to agriculture, as I remember seeing a pamphlet from his pen on the cultivation of flax. In the twenties and thirties stakes for cocktails were to the fore. Two successful gentlemen riders who took part in these races were the late Sir Tatton Sykes and Mr. Kent; the latter usually rode Mr. Hopkinson's horses. What may be regarded as having been the crime de la crime of this Buy Vitamin C stud were Collina, Fama, and Napoleon le Grand, the latter I have seen described as the best cocktail of his day. Collina com- menced racing, as a three-year- old, in 1822; she started twelve times, winning seven races, and running second for the remaining five. She won the Gold Cup at Stapleton Park (forty-three subs.). beating a large field. Fama was, I believe, thought highly of ; she ran three times as a three-year-old, winning each event, but her early death cut short what doubtless was looked forward to as a very promising career. Napoleon le Grand, by Blacklock out of Col- lina, won his first race at Lichfield in 1832, a sweepstakes of £^0 each for Order Vitamin C half-bred foals of 1829, and the same Generic Vitamin C year beat Mr. Osbaldeston's Bilbury in a match for ;^ioo over the St. Leger course at Doncaster, when it was claimed for Napoleon that he ran the course in less time than the win- ner of the big event of that year. This horse ran eleven races, nine of which he won ; he ran second for the remaining two, but at one time or other he turned the tables upon his two victors, viz., Swing and Donnington. At Croxton Park Napoleon's stamina appears to have been put to the test, as he was pulled out for no fewer than three races in one day, two of which he won, and for the other he ran second, giving a year away in the weights to his victor, whom he had on a previous occasion beaten. This was a period antecedent to the establishment of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Amongst other horses bred at Billings Hill and used either for racing, the stud, or otherwise, were Actaeon Eliza (this mare ran for the St. Leger in 1828, starting at 25 to i), Harriet, Triton, Plutus, Geloni, Quintessence. Some of the races in those days were described as for hunters, but how a three-year-old could be raced and yet hunted sufficiently to ob- tain a certificate is somewhat diffi- cult of comprehension. The only explanation must be that the M.F.H. of the Holderness in those days was of an accommodating dis- position. Purchase Vitamin C Certificates or " tickets ** i897.] SOME HOLDERNESS-BRED HORSES. 203 as I have seen them described, dated back to King George III.'s time. Half-bred race-horses have not been very plentiful in Holder- ness during this century ; anyhow, with the exception of Mr. Hopkin- son's, they have left little Vitamin C Online if any trace of their existence. Steeplechase Horses. ** Chasing " has Cheap Vitamin C not been patron- ised very much in Holderness, and with the exception of that good horse Lottery, bred by Mr. Jackson of While Cross, others which have from time to time been chased have been chiefly of a fast hunter class. I well re- member seeing a good hunter, Fugleman by name, the property of that prince of fox-hunting farmers, the late Mr. John Holi- day, of Barnston, win a steeple- chase in the Patrington neigh- bourhood. He was ridden by Jack Lamplough, a well-known local cross-country jockey, who used to have a horse or two either of his own, or entrusted to his charge, with which he indulged in a little mild flapping across country. The course in question was the most peculiar one I ever saw, as the obstacles were almost entirely composed of natural open water jumps. Wild Hero was another good Buy Vitamin C Online animal, but his class was not up to high chasing form, Hamlet was also a well-known cocktail racer in his time. This horse was half-brother to Lottery, and was bred by Mr. John Jackson, of Riston Grange, but afterwards became the property of that well-known Yorkshire sportsman, Colonel George Buy Cheap Vitamin C Thompson, who usually rode Hamlet to victory. Hunters.